Dolomite / GML (MgO)

We currently produce:

  • Ground Magnesium Lime (GML) for:
    • Agricultural uses in the form of straight fertilizers and/or fertilizer mixtures @ <15mesh
    • Industrial uses as component of glass-making etc.
    • Packing 50 kg bags 1mt bags & bulk deliveries
    • Fineness 250/325 mesh vide 6R roller mill

Test Reports for:

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  • DolomiteDolomite
  • Dolomite StockpileDolomite Stockpile
    Dolomite Stockpile
  • GML - 50kg BagsGML - 50kg Bags
    GML - 50kg Bags
  • GML WarehousingGML Warehousing
    GML Warehousing